Windows 8 free download

If you are struggling to find windows 8 free download link then we got you covered. In this article we will cover all the possible ways that gives you windows 8 free download.

Windows 8 has a very unique style and tons of features to make the user experience amazing. Most people still prefer to use windows 8 instead windows 10 because it seems more convenient and promising to them.

Well if you are also one of them then here are the exclusive ways to make windows 8 free download.

You can also check out some other sites like pirate bay and getpcinfo to get windows 8 free download.

You will get windows 8 free download in two versions 32 bit and 64 bit in an ISO file format.

But before you proceed with the download part make sure that your desktop or laptop is compatible with the Windows 8 basic requirements which includes the following things:

Ram: 2GB
Space: Above 20GB
Connected with the internet
After you have checked all this and downloaded Windows 8 after getting windows to include free download then you can move to the next part of the installation.

How to install Windows 8 on PC

It is simple to install. First of all make sure that you have moved important files from c drive to other drives. You have to get bootable Pen drive. You have to burn the ISO file through any external attachments like Pen drive or DVD.

Once you have done that you can plug it in and run the installer to do its work. It will take a while but soon your PC will be restarting with Windows installed on it.