Buy Windows 7

If you are thinking to buy windows 7 then here is all the info you need to know before you proceed with your purchase.

Windows 7 has been one of the finest version in terms of responsiveness, security, ease of use and performance. After the unsatisfactory performance of vista with issues like compatibility and software related problems Microsoft launched windows 7 which successfully eliminated the previous problems up to an extent.

Before you decide to buy windows 7 you must know about its different editions that are available in market.

Windows 7 editions

Microsoft launched Windows 7 in six different editions.
• Starter
• Home basic
• Home premium
• professional
• enterprise
• Ultimate

Among all six of these only three are mostly available in the market i.e. Home premium, professional and ultimate.

Making your decision to buy windows 7 and going with a specific edition will depend a lot on your requirements and work type. Let’s make it easy for you.

Which Windows 7 edition to buy?

Home premium: If you are a person who is not much into professional work and just uses the computer for basic work and entertainment then you must go with Home premium edition.

It comes with features like Windows search, windows touch, internet connection sharing, taskbar, jump list and windows media center.

It costs around $159 as per the listings of Microsoft.

Professional: As the name suggests it is more likely for professionals to use. It comes with additional features like Location-aware printing, Remote Desktop host, Advance backup and encrypting file system.

It comes for a price of $199.

Ultimate: This is the complete version which comes with all the feature of the windows 7. In addition to combined features of home premium and professional it also has Applocker, the , branch access, Direct access, branch Cache and MUI language packs.

This version comes with a bit higher price which is $260 approx.

Now you know the details and specifications about the editions of windows 7Windowsand you can easily decide which one to choose. But, you might find it a bit difficult to buy Windows 7 as Microsoft doesn’t deliver Windows 7 anymore. So the question is

How to buy windows 7

There are still many ways to buy windows 7 which you can look for.

  1. Transferring-> You can transfer windows 7 from another computer. You only need to check that it is not an OEM version because that doesn’t gets transferred.
  2. Online retailers-> With the availability of retailers like amazon and ebay gives you option to purchase anything with no correspondence to the year of original publishing of product.
    You only need to search for it and you will find your desired edition of Windows without any problem.
  3. Buying a new PC-> You can also buy windows 7 with a new PC by specifying your requirement in advance to the retailer. In this way you can easily get your version of Windows with ease.
  4. Downgrade windows-> Yes you can downgrade any of the higher versions of windows to Windows 7 anytime you want.